As Your Democratic Candidate For LD 20 State Representative, Dan Anderson Will Support:

    • Working Families– All people deserve a just economy that works for all of us, with good jobs for everyone. Regardless of what the Supreme Court says, I will work to combat policies that erode the rights of working people and help create a more prosperous and equitable society.
    • Schools– Our public schools are a disaster. Our elected leaders in power have created this situation. I believe a high-quality education is a universal right that should be offered to all Arizona children regardless of their families economic status. I will fight to return the voucher program back to its intended purpose. I will fight to fully fund our public education system, smaller class sizes, facility improvements, and making sure teachers get what they were promised.
    • Safe Neighborhoods- We deserve to be safe and protected in our homes and neighborhoods. Having a diverse police force that resembles our communities. Getting residents involved in neighborhood watches, showcases the importance of police-community partnerships and citizen involvement in our fight for a safer Arizona.